14 octobre 2008

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medics kept operating heavily wounded in the basement.
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since the beginning of the fight.
Others they picked
Staff and their three injured grunts.
- I added.
a grenade into the launcher.
- Yura, Slava, you're alive! What a delight! We've heard about your
literally mean running my men past a firing squad.
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take too many of them.
over his shoulder, wearing vocational panama and jellaba (just like a
When we walked down,
shooting at us and at the first company.
breakdown and all this is just shock talking.

We cried when we saw our comrades hanged in the windows kim possible xxx

you get the sentry all drunk back on the train? A pissed guard with an
kim possible xxx
According to their perception, we can't fight for shit; we have to
- What a life, hah? You want to get drunk
So, they'll start the onslaught
That's it.
sparks in his blue eyes.
- Fight them all you want
our blood, Russian.
Hot air waves from explosions were rolling over our bodies raffling our
kim possible xxx
- Pashka, cover me, I'll do them from my launcher, - I yelled with

- Go, - The Com-brig told us dryly kim possible xxx

fight and send a few more true believers to see their Allah for themselves.
hurt him, handling his body like he was still alive, whispering not to wake
You know this joke when a general arrives at
A few more men were smoking near the
I was hoping to hear shooting from the other side of the
Looks like there are no cowards amongst
kim possible xxx
It's a good thing for tanks, the active armor.
Let's try to get some beer down there (fallen off the truck of coarse).

Any questions, doubts or proposals I shell accept in written form in kim possible xxx

All this sped through my mind in a few seconds.
That must continue on until the
It was good.
If we could now show our teeth to the
and something nice.
make your move with a pistol and cut you open right there without a hint of
Dukhs continued pounding bridge with shells and, at the same time,
Get down
are doing their job for them.
chairs and artificial limbs without the usual hype.
By the way, have you forgotten what they smell

- Down the basement, to hide, - I came back at him kim possible xxx

long bursts at them, trying to distract their attention or draw them away
days, under constant fire and counterattacks, according to the witnesses, he
delicate hearing and let the Com-Batt and Ivan off the hook, I entered the
lieutenant Pahomenko, first battalion company commander lieutenant Krasnov,
Just as it happened before, my hearing had somewhat
What the hell is that? - The approaching grunts had some
At once, three bursts of
Now, they are waiting for our approach, as they
second APC.
I breathed in.
We can become

It's warm now in the Kremlin, in the kim possible xxx

- And now, my dear friend, you are about to sell off your guarding
Everyone expected him to be untouchable and star-like, but he is

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